Get ready to jointly meet new challenges

Team up!

Building a raft and set it into water as a real challenge. Solve a task and strengthen team spirit. I a natural environment that at the same time sharpens the senses and pleases the eye.

The Hotel Bad Schachen offer everything you need for successful bootcamps and team coaching.

The location: spectacular!

Directly at the water surrounded by nature. Perfect vor adventure, training and coaching.

And in addition to all other features you need for business events:

  • Meeting rooms and halls all flooded with day light
  • Up-to-date technical facilities
  • Staying over night in our rooms with breathtaking view over the lage to the alps mountains
  • Guided by the teaming pros of kiwi-connection

Our event team will be happy to assist!

Phone: +49 8382 298-672

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